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I'm Cierra

Deepening relationships through pause and play.

Who is Cierra?

As a big thinker and deep feeler, empath, and human healing karmic cycles and patterns, the answer to this question shifts as I continue to grow and expand as an individual, friend, guide, healer, partner, and human.

I am a lover of humanity and connection, desiring the truest and most authentic and transparent expressions of self for everyone I come in contact with.


I’ve been a nanny for 9 years which has taught me endless tools and wisdom for play, emotional expression, boundaries, mindfulness, and intention.

A majority of my work and expertise is with the toddler mind, heart, and spirit.


I use positive reinforcement and conscious parenting methods in my work with littles and teach parents the language and tools to use these methods themselves.

I’ve learned how to lovingly navigate the seemingly treacherous battlefield of two year old tantrums, dance with wonder in the magic of a 3 year old’s imagination, and listen enthusiastically to the stories of a four year old.

This emotional navigation, dancing with wonder, and listening enthusiastically are all tools I’ve acquired and developed through my connection within nannying, but amplified in my dedication to my mindfulness practice.

I’m mindfulness and meditation teacher certified, so that I can bring as many people into the magic of the present moment as I can within their contact and connection with me: in my coaching containers, classes, and other offerings.


I incorporate inner child healing and mindfulness tools to bring people and parents into greater awareness, understanding, safety, and connection with themselves so that they can bring each of these things into their parenting and relationships.


As a recovering people pleaser who has worked deeply for years to bring my life into alignment with my own intuition and self trust, I work deeply with helping people overcome people pleasing tendencies that are rooted in their own childhood experience and exposure to shame so that they can feel empowered, confident, and safe enough to be in their fullest expression of the light in them that has been suppressed for years.


I’ve been described as a bohemian tinkerbell, am a proud weirdo and goofball, deeply empathic, known as the mom friend, love to rollerblade and dance in bizarre and ecstatic ways,  exist between the edge of nothing and everything.

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What is KOMA?

Kids Outdoor Movement Adventures!

Kids Outdoor Movement Adventures were created by Cierra as a heart centered play project in November 2021 to encourage movement, joy, and connection within families, self, and children after the deep disconnect we've all felt from the past couple of years.

They're a space for the inner child to come out, our children to play, our hearts to connect, our feet to dance, and our bodies to ground with nature. (barefoot play recommended!)

Using movement, breathing exercises, and bubbles, we come back home to the present moment to enjoy our time and connection together!

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