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Leading you back to yourself 

You know there’s something.. Something missing. Something empty..unsatisfying. Stagnant. Just not working.


There are moments you feel glimpses of peace, joy, excitement, and connection, but most of the time, life just feels..disconnected.


You feel like the life you’re living isn’t really yours, like it was built by other people, like it was something you stumbled or fell into, instead of something you chose.


Most of your time is spent in cycles of regret, guilt, resentment, or confusion and you just want to be able to slow down. To soak in more moments and more beauty.


You want to feel powerful choosing your life and creating more expansion for yourself..


This is all possible, and this is all YOU, already, as you are.


You know this expansive version of you is there, you can feel her.. hear her, you just have a hard time following that guide.


You have a hard time following what’s best for you and your highest good, because you find yourself taking care of other people, pleasing other people, satisfying other people.


So you neglect your needs and desires, and the expansive you who is waiting for your permission to transform.

I was there. I felt stuck in my patterns. I questioned what I was doing, why I was doing it, and why I couldn’t pursue what I really wanted.


I held so much anger and resentment towards the people who were supposed to just love me, hold me, see me: friends, family, partners. 


“This is supposed to be unconditional isn’t it?!”


And then I realized.. it wasn’t about them.


It was about me.


I wasn’t going to convince them to be anything different from what they were.. and it wasn’t my responsibility.


My responsibility was to myself. To my own healing. To my own compassion. To my own love, so that I could lose the shame and embrace the human experience in all its fucked up, complicated, incredible, passionate beauty.


Now I consciously choose my paths and own my life. I embrace the humanness of the people in my life, without attempting to change them.


I maintain my own boundaries and honour my experience, and needs because that’s what I deserve.. not because I did anything to deserve it, but because I just am deserving. I am just worthy..


If you’re ready to embrace this same life full of conscious choosing, I want to help you.

In my 12 week, 1:1 program, Confident Consciousness, we go through many of the different methods and processes I used to come back to myself.


This program will walk you through:


  • becoming more self-aware

  • learning how to ground yourself and get back into your inner guide

  • leading life by your own desires


In our sessions we’ll:

  • talk through areas of your life where you feel like you’re diluting your power and voice

  • walk through exercises and tools that will be helpful to your experience

  • structure plans or strategies to help you reach your goals in relationships and with yourself


This container was designed to help you really feel and experience the emotions and feelings you’ve been suppressing without identifying with them, learning how to create space for pause and listening (to yourself and others), and give you the tools to consciously create boundaries and choices that are for your highest good!


After our 12 weeks together, you’ll leave with a soul that feels fed because it’s being seen by you (maybe for the first time), confidence and ability to take on areas of your life you previously felt unprepared or inadequate, and a juicy love for life, , the present moment, and all of the pleasure’s that come with it!!

What's included:

  • 12 intimate one-hour coaching calls

  • Custom overview worksheets after our calls to fully digest our conversation and continue implementing it throughout your week

  • Midweek text support (office hours Tuesday and Fridays: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) for any questions or additional support your needing when navigating what you’re learning

  • Access to any/all programs released during our time working together (i.e. workshops, courses, webinars, memberships- for freeeeeee!!)


1 payment of $1,333 (saving $332) or 3 monthly payments of $555


Payment plans are available to those who need it! I want this support and help to be as accessible as possible, so if there’s any financial limitation, don’t let that prevent you from reaching out and getting more information!


If this is calling to you, I’m so excited to speak with you! Schedule a free 30-minute Transparency Call with me and get on my calendar so we can speak more about your experience and what type of support you’re needing!

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