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Mother and Son


Leading you out of head and into heart. 

12 week 1:1 guidance container


Couple with Daughter

What I’m usually able to bring to the table is lighthearted joy. 


It's one of my favorite qualities of myself and has kept my work nannying fun and creative. It’s helped many families open up to laughter, goofiness, joy, and magic.


This isn’t a gift that is unique or special to me- 


I know that this little shining light of weirdness and sunshine is in every single person I’ve ever met.


And my mission with ALL of my work is to try to reignite or feed the flames of this fire within all of the humans around me.


Kids are the simple ones because they’re little fireballs who havent had cups of water, shame, and ridicule yet poured over their heads.


I host kids movement classes to keep that flame bright and expressed. I dance with them, laugh with them, play with them, and they move right back with me.


I’ve witnessed that adults are a little bit trickier to convince the flames that they’re safe to burn.

The flame is still there, I know it is because I see it peaking out. That flame of excitement, laughter, joy, peace, fun is underneath all those little walls built up, 


and my new mission and challenge in my work is to help bring the walls down to let the flames of your heart and soul come out to play.


This is where grounded playful parenting comes in.


Giving your heart and soul the oxygen it needs to burn bigger and brighter, not continuing to dampen it with water and dirt.


Its building a safety in your nervous system to feel grounded and secure in the wild and unstructured expression that our soul longs for.


Releasing conditioning that taught us it's not ok to be loud, or clumsy, or strange, or ‘too’ playful, or emotional.


Being a parent of a toddler is the perfect teaching opportunity to reignite and nurture the flames of our heart.

Those tiny little humans are the definition of fire.

They are challenging, and sometimes unpredictable. 

They’re independent and have emotions that can explode at any moment.

They’re beautiful to watch and witness.

They leave glowing embers of warmth with everyone they meet.


And I have a reminder for you: you were a toddler once before too.

And you were a bouncing little fireball ready to take on (or over) the world.


And it wants to come back out in whatever unique and special way it exists for you.

But I’ve been in the toddler world longggg enough to know its not all sunshine and rainbows and dance parties (although….i believe we should make life a majority of all of that)


The toddler years are when humans are coming into the rich emotional experience of life: disappointment, overwhelm, frustration, jealousy, annoyance- on TOP of all of the super big light emotions like joy, goofiness, wonder, excitement, and anticipation.


So raising these little guys………… takes some inner reflection and digging as they’re learning their emotions, because what I’ve seen OFTEN along the road of parenting, is that you’re truly learning YOURS too.


Because hey man look… our parents did the best they could with what they had, but they didnt have the internet.


They didn't have as easy of access to parenting classes and communities.


They didnt have the neurological research that we do now. They didn’t have much understanding of emotional intelligence.


Soo many of us were taught that:


  • Emotions are stupid things that should be stuffed realllllyyyyyy far down into the depths of our suppressed psyche

  • We need to be well mannered and behaved at all times and if any word that comes out of our mouth isnt “yes ma’am” or “yes sir” then we will be punished accordingly

  • The goal is to be a good girl or a good boy: aka a silent, mute, unemotional, well behaved child without any defiance or opinions


So if you were raised this way, I’ve found that theres a usual belief system in place:


  • Loud emotions are bad.


Chances are, you already know most of this. You can recognize a lot of the patterns from past generation child rearing/modeling, and understand the belief systems that are in your mind currently.

Here’s where Grounded Playful Parenting comes in:


we move together throughout the 12 week program to help teach you tools and techniques to unravel these layers of conditioning and build more patience, mutual respect + trust, and a more playful form of connecting within relationship with your toddler!

Let's back up to what it's like raising a fireball (aka toddler):


  • Do you struggle with setting and holding loving boundaries with your toddlers? (feeling more on the side of permissive parenting than gentle parenting?)

  • Do you ever feel anxious and out of control when your toddler is feeling some big stuff? (i.e. “oh fuck. hes screaming and crying uncontrollably again. how do i get him to stop??? whats the right thing to do? how do i discipline this?”)

  • Does playtime with your kiddo feel weird and uncomfortable, or maybe even stressful? (like “what the hell do i even DO?”)

  • Do you want to feel grounded but feel super scattered and unfocused?

Relationships are the containers where we have the deepest opportunity to spiritually, emotionally, and individually grow.


And this relationship with your toddler is looking at you and saying,

“hey, you ready to step into this?

you wanna play with me?

you wanna join fire forces and learn to dance

instead of trying to fight fire with fire?”

What is Grounded Playful Parenting?

Grounded Playful Parenting is a 12 week guidance container where we work one on one with each other to help move you through this new chapter of your life and identity.


To build greater trust in your abilities, intuition, patience, and healing.


We’ll work within hour-long calls and intimate audio text support to navigate specific challenges that are showing up in your parenting of your toddler, where you’re still finding and understanding how to connect with and understand yourself deeper, and unleashing more ease and play in your life.


For the parents experiencing people pleasing tendencies who feel like they’re constantly at the edge, but know that they are capable of finding that safety and light that is still within them, waiting to be let out, to shine through.


To bring more joy into your days.

GPP is the framework I've built to bring parents from feeling shut down and disconnected, to feeling capable, calm, and confident in how they're parenting.

The generations before us didn't know how to be with their own emotions, or the emotions of their children, so GPP was created to start building a foundation of tools for emotional regulation and emotional connection that's sustainable for both adults and toddlers.

It builds and nurtures a compassionate and patient environment within the physical, and the home of the heart.

An environment who's focus is love, space, and tenderness.

This program helps you to step in and take new actions that work deeper in the direction of connection and joy. 

The Process of GPP: 

A little bit of parenting approach support, a little bit of inner child reflection guiding, a little bit of mindful acceptance and awareness, and a little bit of play and expression.



Month one:


Space & Pause: Mindfulness & Present Moment Practice


Mindfulness works through meditation and exercises. A lot of time will be dedicated here to learn about the relationship dynamic you have with your toddler and self to give you tools for coping and shifting.


Month two:


Inner child work: Boundaries & Discipline Understanding 


Digging into you. Into some personal reflection and awareness to help you understand your own patterns and methods more. We’ll continue with parenting support throughout this and integrate what you learn from your inner child healing into parenting and connection with your toddler.



Month three:


Play/somatic work: Play and Connection


Getting back to body here. Your toddler is FULLY in their body. So to understand them, you’ve gotta get back to it. We’re going to incorporate different types of play to encourage deeper connection, healing, and growth within your relationship to your child and self. I've been referred to as the bohemian tinkerbell so I’m SO excited to share this play with you.


After our 12 weeks together, my goal is that you’ll leave with :

  • a soul that feels fed because it’s being seen by you 

  • you’ve built your confidence and feel capable to continue raising your toddlers in areas you previously felt unprepared or inadequate

  • you have tools that you can take into more milestones and stages of parenting your children

  • a solid and loving connection with your toddler

  • an open and evolving connection with your inner child that continues nurturing your feeling of safety, acceptance, and love

  • and you’ve nurtured a juicy love for life, the present moment, and all of the pleasure’s that come with it!

What's Included In GPP?

  • welcome care package

  • weekly intimate one-hour coaching calls (12 total)

  • Custom overview worksheets after our calls to fully digest our conversation and continue implementing it throughout your week

  • Midweek text support (office hours Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST) for any questions or additional support your needing when navigating what you’re learning

  • Access to any/all programs released during our time working together (i.e. workshops, courses, webinars, memberships- for freeeeeee!! The only exception would be any in person retreats/events)

In our weekly coaching sessions we’ll:

  • refer to the focus of the week and begin a discussion about the areas of your life and parenting that relate to the focus where you feel like you're currently struggling

  • walk through any exercises or tools that will be helpful to your experience

  • review any homework/worksheets/activities from the week

  • structure plans or strategies to help you reach your goals in your parenting relationship and with yourself

Who is GPP for?

Grounded Playful Parenting was built:


  • for the parents feeling constantly on edge with their toddlers, anxiously moving through their own emotions and the emotions of their kids.

  • For parents who struggle with feeling grounded and confident in their leadership

  • For parents who know they want to parent in kind, gentle, and connected ways but are having a hard time actually using those characteristics and skills in the midst of overwhelm.

  • For parents who identify with a lot of people pleasing tendencies.


Parents that experience people pleasing tendencies tend to:


  • feel anxiety or overwhelm because they believe their child's emotions are a result of what they’re not doing right, and therefore they’re doing something wrong

  • suppresses their own emotions of fatigue, anger, resentment, and anxiety, therefore amplifying them

  • feel like they’re running in circles with themselves and their toddler

Who is

Cierra Dae?


<- thats me, Cierra Dae!

I'm a career nanny of 8 years with a deep passion and mission to bring children, parents, and adults back into our bodies for regulated nervous systems so that we can have lasting and loving connections founded in truth, transparency, vulnerability, and joy!

I've worked intimately within family dynamics helping support parents post partum, healthily transitioning toddlers through their emotional development, and discovering a deeper comprehension about the most important aspect of life & living-


I'm a polyamorous and queer identifying cis woman desiring to support other people and families with existing out of the typical 'traditional' cultural box into deeper self love, acceptance, and growth in order to raise kinder, more accepting, and loving children.

I’ve learned the tricks and methods of navigating the complexities of toddler hearts and brains over my 8 years of being a full time nanny to help with these challenges of raising children when you experience people pleasing tendencies.

The tools that I've learned and acquired  can help ease the resistance and constrictions you may feel as a parent of a blooming tot.


Things that include:


  • An understanding of toddler desires/frustrations

  • How to navigate and prevent tantrums/emotional eruptions

  • Working with/through big emotions

  • Tools for emotional expression

  • Leading (successful) discipline through heart that doesn’t require hard/rough punishment

  • Opening up mutual communication and respect

  • Integrating play/silliness into learning

  • Being of influence, not authority

  • Establishing solid boundaries without rigidity

  • Consistency in boundaries/rules/limits

  • Creating a collaborative relationship of mutual respect and understanding


Within Grounded Playful Parenting, we’ll work intimately with your relationship with your toddler using these tools and methods to help you move through this stage of development and blooming so that you can raise your littles through a grounded and conscious approach.

The parenting methods I use are with a positive and gentle parenting approach. 

Within this container we’ll also be using tools that I learned within my spiritual work in both my personal life and with clients.

These tools will help at an individual level, and in turn, within connection with your toddler.


Things that include:


  • connection and communication with our inner child through visualization

  • curiosity about our patterns and cycles

  • compassion towards our wounds and pain

  • breathwork to slow down the mind and bring connection back to the body

  • reawakening our wild and free spirit through somatic work to bring more safety and expression to the body

  • energy work for personal space and body to harness protection, confidence, and healing

  • spiritual video/audio teachings from gurus and guides


Within Grounded Playful Parenting we’ll be integrating these tools with the realities of raising toddlers and being a parent.

If this program is resonating with you, if you've felt identified with any of the information on this page, if you don't know if this is for you but are interested in speaking more because maybe theres something else that you need, lets talk.


1 payment of $2,111 (saving $220) OR 3 monthly payments of $777


If this is calling to you, I’m so excited to speak with you! Schedule a free 30-minute Transparency Call with me below and get on my calendar so we can speak more about your experience and what type of support you’re needing!

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