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Mother and Son



Leading you out of head and into heart. 

12 week 1:1 guidance container

You were ready for this.

Or so you thought.

Couple with Daughter

When you 'signed up' for parenting, you thought about all of the laughter, fun, and connection you’d share.

How beautiful and enchanting it would be to hold that sweet little child and all would be right in the world.


And then they started walking. And talking. And developing a whole new sense of independence and emotional development thats really throwing you for a loop.


They cry over seemingly nothing, scream at you, confuse the hell out of whether or not you’re even cut out for this.


Raising a child is hard. It places a mirror right in front of your face and shows you all of the places that you get to learn how to hold deeper patience, love, and understanding.


Your children arent the only ones who are developing and growing.

You are growing too.

Relationships are the containers where we have the deepest opportunity to spiritually, emotionally, and individually grow.


And the difficulty makes way for the deepest love you’ve ever known.


The goal is unconditional right? 


But we’re human.


And we’re very conditional creatures, so the process of parenting and raising children is learning how to release the conditions of our love, acceptance, and connection.


Not just for our children, but for ourselves.


I don’t believe the path of humanity is towards enlightenment- In the words of Jeff Brown, “embrace enrealment- before its too fucking late”.


So our journey together is going to be leading you back to what is real.

What is real for you. What is real for your child. What is real for your experience and connection


Shedding the layers of conditions that have been placed on you.


That you have learned you must have before you’re worthy of being valued, accepted, worthy, loved.

Grounded Parenting is a 12 week guidance container where we work one on one with each other to help move you through this new chapter of your life and identity.

To build greater trust in your abilities, intuition, patience, and healing.


We’ll work within hour-long calls and intimate audio text support to navigate specific challenges that are showing up in your parenting of your toddler, where you’re still finding and understanding how to connect with and understand yourself deeper, and unleashing more ease and play in your life.


For the parents who feel like they’re constantly at the edge, but know that they are capable of finding that safety and light that is still within them, waiting to be let out, to shine through.


To bring more joy into your days.


Parents that experience the people pleasing tendencies tend to:


  • feel anxiety or overwhelm because you believe your child's emotions are a result of what you are not doing right, and therefore you’re doing something wrong

  • suppresses your own emotions of fatigue, anger, resentment, and anxiety, therefore amplifying them

  • feel like you’re running in circles with yourself and your toddler

I’ve learned the tricks and methods of navigating the complexities of toddler hearts and brains over my 8 years of being a full time nanny to help with these challenges of raising children when you experience people pleasing tendencies.

The tools that I've learned and acquired  can help ease the resistance and constrictions you may feel as a parent of a blooming tot.


Things that include:


  • An understanding of toddler desires/frustrations

  • How to navigate and prevent tantrums/emotional eruptions

  • Working with/through big emotions

  • Tools for emotional expression

  • Leading (successful) discipline through heart that doesn’t require hard/rough punishment

  • Opening up mutual communication and respect

  • Integrating play/silliness into learning

  • Being of influence, not authority

  • Establishing solid boundaries without rigidity

  • Consistency in boundaries/rules/limits

  • Creating a collaborative relationship of mutual respect and understanding


Within Grounded Parenting, we’ll work intimately with your relationship with your toddler using these tools and methods to help you move through this stage of development and blooming so that you can raise your littles through a grounded and conscious approach.

The parenting methods I use are with a positive and gentle parenting approach. 

Within this container we’ll also be using tools that I learned within my spiritual work in both my personal life and with clients.

These tools will help at an individual level, and in turn, within connection with your toddler.


Things that include:


  • connection and communication with our inner child through visualization

  • curiosity about our patterns and cycles

  • compassion towards our wounds and pain

  • breathwork to slow down the mind and bring connection back to the body

  • reawakening our wild and free spirit through somatic work to bring more safety and expression to the body

  • energy work for personal space and body to harness protection, confidence, and healing

  • spiritual video/audio teachings from gurus and guides


Within grounded parenting we’ll be integrating these tools with the realities of raising toddlers and being a parent.

Mother and Baby on Floor

So here’s what we’re gunna do:


a little bit of parenting approach support, a little bit of inner child reflection guiding, a little bit of mindful acceptance and awareness, and a little bit of play and expression.

This isn’t going to be a super rigid program.


Its going to give a lot of space for fluctuation, adjustment, and pivoting.


Because you are a passionately diverse person.

In your mind and heart.


So a rigid program isn’t what you need.

You need a place for expression of all of who you are.


Month one: Create

Creation of space and pause


Mindfulness work through meditation and exercises. A lot of time will be dedicated here to learn about the relationship dynamic you have with your toddler and self to give you tools for coping and shifting.


Month two: Reflection

Inner child work


Digging into you. Into some personal reflection and awareness to help you understand your own patterns and methods more. We’ll continue with parenting support throughout this and integrate what you learn from your inner child healing into parenting and connection with your toddler.


Month three: Expression
Play/somatic work


Getting back to body here. Your toddler is FULLY in their body. So to understand them, you’ve gotta get back to it. We’re going to incorporate different types of play to encourage deeper connection, healing, and growth within your relationship to your child and self. I've been referred to as the bohemian tinkerbell so I’m SO excited to share this play with you.

In our sessions we’ll:

  • talk through areas of your life and parenting where you feel like you're struggling

  • walk through exercises and tools that will be helpful to your experience

  • structure plans or strategies to help you reach your goals in your parenting relationship and with yourself


After our 12 weeks together, you’ll leave with a soul that feels fed because it’s being seen by you , confidence and ability to take on raising your toddlers in areas you previously felt unprepared or inadequate, and a juicy love for life, the present moment, and all of the pleasure’s that come with it!!

Mother and Son
What's included in Grounded Parenting Basic Program:

  • welcome care package

  • weekly intimate one-hour coaching calls (12 total)

  • Custom overview worksheets after our calls to fully digest our conversation and continue implementing it throughout your week

  • Midweek text support (office hours Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST) for any questions or additional support your needing when navigating what you’re learning

  • Access to any/all programs released during our time working together (i.e. workshops, courses, webinars, memberships- for freeeeeee!! The only exception would be any in person retreats/events)

1 payment of $2,111 (saving $220) OR 3 monthly payments of $777


If this is calling to you, I’m so excited to speak with you! Schedule a free 30-minute Transparency Call with me below and get on my calendar so we can speak more about your experience and what type of support you’re needing!

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