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Manic to Magical

Transforming the 'Terrible Twos" from Manic to Magical


Presented by Cierra Dae,

8 year nanny, toddler spirit and heart expert, goofball, and healer striving to bring more connection into relationships through teaching conscious and mindful practices that prioritizes heart over ego.

About Cierra


Manic to Magical is transforming the perspective of parenting your highly spirited and adventurous toddler.


Creating more space so that you can harness deeper connection, understanding, and compassion in the midst of your toddlers emotional development and all of the challenges that can come with this season of life.


When the grips of overwhelm begin to tighten, the fatigue and sensory overload takes over our nervous systems.


Our fuse shortens, our capacity for patience lowers, our reactions take priority over responding because the energy exertion necessary for responding feels impossible.​

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About the Class


  • a deeper understanding of the toddler heart, mind, and spirit so that you can comprehend the foundations of the human character and personality.

  • what exactly happens when our nervous system is reacting in states of overwhelm (manic reactions) and where those unconscious reactions are rooted from

  • what ego based parenting looks and sounds like v.s. heart based parenting structures

  • mindfulness tools for nervous system regulation and understanding (magical responding)

  • disciplining tools that are founded in heart based parenting leadership and guidance

  • new language to shift perspectives of parenting into deeper connection

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In this class we cover

Manic to Magical
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