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In this episode, I interview Mindfulness Expert and Coach, Cierra Dae. And this may very well be one my favorite episodes yet!


Cierra and I talk about mindfulness, manifestation and inner child healing. 


We also dive deep into people pleasing tendencies, teenage rebellion, easy ways to introduce mindfulness into your life, manifesting beyond material possessions, conscious parenting, boundary setting, and even overcoming addiction and eating disorders through mindfulness! 


If mindfulness seemed ridiculous to you before today, this episode will completely change your mind. You’ll learn why mindfulness is SO important and how it could profoundly change your life… one grape at a time.


The inner-child gangster herself, Cierra Dae, shares with us the ins & outs of her transition from monogamy to polyamory.


With a relatable story on seeking love, worth & validation through partnership, Cierra drops some big emotional intelligence bombs.


What does the inner child have to do with your relationship and your partner's needs?


Do you honor your partner as a human or an object you own?


Do you have enough space for a new partner?


We talk about:

How every experience (especially the challenging ones) informed exactly where she is at today.


The difference between religion and spirituality (and how that came to be.)

Being a logical/analytical individual (“What do you mean ‘gray area’?!”) and how that can make spirituality difficult.


“Discovering that why from spirituality and mindfulness was so relieving and so refreshing. I didn’t feel stuck anymore. I didn’t feel lost. I felt like I knew where the hell I was going for the first time in my life.”


The role of trust… in understanding ourselves, the bigger picture, and letting go of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.


Why getting in touch with oneself is critical for people-pleasers.


Our limitless potential and what it takes to tap into that.

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