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Grounded Playful Parenting

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Meditating on the Beach

Week 1-4:


Space & Pause: Mindfulness & Present Moment Practice

Mindfulness works through meditation and exercises. A lot of time will be dedicated here to learn about the relationship dynamic you have with your toddler and self to give you tools for coping and shifting.

Field of Flowers

Week 5-8


Inner child work: Boundaries & Discipline Understanding 

Digging into you. Into some personal reflection and awareness to help you understand your own patterns and methods more. We’ll continue with parenting support throughout this and integrate what you learn from your inner child healing into parenting and connection with your toddler.

Happy Dance

Week 9-12

Play/somatic work: Play and Connection

Getting back to body here. Your toddler is FULLY in their body. So to understand them, you’ve gotta get back to it. We’re going to incorporate different types of play to encourage deeper connection, healing, and growth within your relationship to your child and self. 

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